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Thank God [Bert] is not a normal Baptist preacher/pastor. He’s a new era Will Campbell tempered by Frederick Buechner and carried to the edge by Stephen King. Perhaps God calls guys like Bert to ministry to assure that the church keeps its edginess.
— Michael Duncan, Pastor, Eminence Baptist Church of Eminence, KY
No one listens better for the voice of God in the noise and clatter of life than Bert Montgomery.
— Michael A. Smith, Senior Pastor, Central Baptist Church of Fountain City, TN, and Co-author of Mount and Mountain
You may find yourself surprised by the sharp edges of the gospel poking through [Bert’s] stories and deflating your pipe dreams of what it means to be a follower of Jesus. . . . He spins every tale in the light of God’s mercy and grace and leaves his readers with lots to ponder.
— Eileen Campbell-Reed, Practical Theologian and Co-director of the Learning Pastoral Imagination Project
Much of what [Bert] does ‘kind of happens,’ and that’s a beautiful thing... The more I read his material, the more I think of Bert as someone who asks, in essence, ‘What if we really believed all the things we say we believe and really lived according to the standards we say we have?’
— David Adams, Professor of Christian Education, Baptist Seminary of Kentucky
With both humor and poignancy, Bert shares his pastoral imagination and his keen eye for seeing the holy all around us.
— Dalen C. Jackson, Academic Dean and Professor of Biblical Studies, Baptist Seminary of Kentucky
[Bert’s] wit and insights are as refreshing as hand-churned ice cream—a delight to savor.
— Karen Spears Zacharias, Author of Mother of Rain; Will Jesus Buy Me a Double-Wide?; and After the Flag Has Been Folded
Bert’s approach to culture, spirituality, theology, God, and community reminds me of that incredibly eccentric Southern artist, Howard Finster, who took all things broken—bottles, dishes, tools, furniture, paintings, anything discarded—and turned it all into art and installed it in its own place of honor in his yard... That’s exactly what Bert does with his writing.
— Pam Mark Hall, Singer-Songwriter at www.pammarkhall.com
With humor and insight, Bert connects the person in the pulpit to the person in the pew, auditorium, or classroom, and does so in away that sends one out the door thinking, ‘I can make God’s creation a better place with my life.’
— Brian Healy, Singer/Musician, Founder and Leader of Dead Artist Syndrome
Bert writes about spiritual matters in worldly terms. If that seems like a contradiction, pull out your New Testament and read the parts in red ink.
— Randy Poe, Author, Skydog: The Duane Allman Story
In the music of Johnny Cash and Elvis, Derek Trucks and Tom Waits, Bert sees life … as a chance for God’s transcendent grace to invade the moment, for the story of God’s love for every person to be told again.
— Brian Quincy Newcomb, Senior Pastor, David’s United Church of Christ, Kettering, Ohio