Rev. Bert Montgomery believes Willie Nelson has achieved sainthood in this life, that Jesus would prefer coffee with Ellen DeGeneres over Pat Robertson, and that Arlo Guthrie has a better grasp of the Gospel than most Baptist preachers. 

The good folks at the University Baptist Church of Starkville, MS, call Bert their pastor. Some students at Mississippi State University call him their teacher. And, readers of his four books call Bert their favorite author of all time. (That last one is an unconfirmed rumor, but everything else is completely true.)

He still writes regularly for newspapers and various religious sites; his columns have also appeared at Huffington Post, Burnside Writer’s Collective, Red Letter Christians, EthicsDaily, and more. Because of his blues-inspired message “God’s Got His Mojo Workin’,” he has been tagged “The Minister of Mojo.”

Bert studied at Mississippi State University, Union University, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Mississippi College, Memphis Theological Seminary, and the Baptist Seminary of Kentucky. He actually hung around long enough to get degrees from three of them.


What Folks are Saying ...

Bert writes about spiritual matters in worldly terms. If that seems like a contradiction, pull out your New Testament and read the parts in red ink.
— Randy Poe, Author, Skydog: The Duane Allman Story
[Bert’s] wit and insights are as refreshing as hand-churned ice cream—a delight to savor.
— Karen Spears Zacharias, Author of Mother of Rain; Will Jesus Buy Me a Double-Wide?; and After the Flag Has Been Folded
(Bert’s) perky, prickly insight will grab you by the throat and the heart.
— Tex Sample, author, Earthy Mysticism
Thank God [Bert] is not a normal Baptist preacher/pastor. He’s a new era Will Campbell tempered by Frederick Buechner and carried to the edge by Stephen King. Perhaps God calls guys like Bert to ministry to assure that the church keeps its edginess.
— Michael Duncan, Pastor, Eminence Baptist Church of Eminence, KY
(Bert) loves the world that John’s Gospel tells us God loves … Bert hears (God’s grace) in country songs, prayerful funeral dirges and rowdy music to wake the dead, he sees it on the big and little screens, reads it in the tired eyes and sighs of his dinner companions.
— Brian Quincy Newcomb, Senior Pastor, David's United Church of Christ, Kettering, OH