cover design by    Greg Cravens

cover design by Greg Cravens

Here, finally assembled together in one collection, are Bert Montgomery’s LGBTQ-related musings, columns, and sermons. Bert uses humor, stories, and the Holy Scriptures to challenge the heresy of homophobia within the church and to call for full inclusion and affirmation—in both church and civic life—of our LGBTQ family members, friends, and neighbors. And yes, a rabbi and a preacher really did go to a Pride parade!


“In a climate of oppression and hate, Bert has courageously been the voice of love and inclusion to God’s LGBTQ children in a state and denomination that largely denies their equality.”

— from the Foreword, by Rev. Maurice “Bojangles” Blanchard

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A Rabbi & a Preacher Go to a Pride Parade …

[Bert’s] writings remind me that the Christian experience isn’t about building up a fence of protection, but rather daring to allow love to lead us out of hiding and into the light of a brilliant life.
— JENNIFER KNAPP, Singer/Songwriter and Founder of Inside Out Faith
It is witty and serious at the same time. [Bert] can really tell a story. I gave Emily her copy when she got in from their tour.
— DR. DON SALIERS, Retired Professor of Theology and Worship at the Candler School of Theology (Emory University) and Father of Emily Saliers of the Indigo Girls
Bert Montgomery’s words are smart, courageous and hilarious! Through his humor and insights, the true inclusive nature of Christ’s love is revealed and celebrated. A book to be treasured.
— REV. SUSAN SPARKS, Comedian; Lawyer; Pastor of Madison Ave. Baptist Church, New York City; and author of "Preaching Punchlines: The Ten Commandments of Comedy"
Bert has that disarming way of opening up the LGBTQ+ issue and whacking you up against the head with some powerful biblical challenge you had not anticipated.
— REV. TEX SAMPLE. Theologian, Activist, & Pastor, Trinity United Methodist Church (Kansas City, MO)
With ribald wit and perceptive understanding of the complications of being human, Rev. Bert Montgomery has offered an expansive view of God’s welcome.
— DR. MOLLY T. MARSHALL, President and Professor of Theology and Spiritual Formation,, Central Baptist Seminary
Employing thoughtful intelligence, spasmic wit, and the Healer’s wholistic approach to Scriptures, Pastor Bert Montgomery issues a clarion call to Christians the nation over to live out the ‘wildly inclusive love of Jesus.’
— KAREN SPEARS ZACHARIAS, Author of Would Jesus Buy Me a Double-Wide? and After the Flag Has Been Folded
A Rabbi and a Preacher Go to a Pride Parade offers with creative humor and reflection provocative and prophetic perspective on matters pertaining to Christian faith and human sexuality.
— REV. DR. BRIAN J. HENDERSON, The Association of Welcoming & Affirming Baptists

About Bert

Bert is an author, a teacher, and a minister living in Starkville, MS. His columns have appeared in local newspapers in several states, and at The Huffington Post, Red Letter Christians, EthicsDaily, and more. He firmly believes that Willie Nelson is a saint, that Jesus would love to have coffee with Ellen DeGeneres, and that James Brown offers the best advice for growing in faith.

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