I have been fortunate to share a planet with great writers, speakers, and teachers - from Tony Campolo and Ron Sider to the late Mike Yaconelli.  Bert Montgomery has the same skills and gifts of bringing alive a message of life, love, faith, and culture as the above mentioned men.  With humor and insight, Bert connects the person in the pulpit to the person in the pew, auditorium or classroom, and does so in a way that sends one out the door thinking, "I can make God's creation a better place with my life."


“Having made my home in the South, it is people like Bert Montgomery who keep me from feeling like an outsider, and who remind me that 'evangelical' doesn’t have to be a dirty word, but one that I can claim humbly for myself.”

Oteil Burbridge 
Bassist,the Allman Brothers Band
& The Tedeschi Trucks Band 

~     ~     ~     ~     ~

“Bert Montgomery is an out-of-the box, no cookie-cutter, full-throttle Jesus kinda guy who gets what it means to be on mission with God in the world.”

Rob Nash
Coordinator of Global Missions
(Cooperative Baptist Fellowship)

~     ~     ~     ~     ~ 

“(Bert) loves the world that John's Gospel tells us God loves … Bert hears (God's grace) in country songs, prayerful funeral durges and rowdy music to wake the dead, he sees it on the big and little screens, reads it in the tired eyes and sighs of his dinner companions.”

Brian Quincy Newcomb
Sr. Pastor of David's United Church of Christ
Kettering, OH

~     ~     ~     ~     ~

I was excited about having Bert Montgomery come to First Baptist Austin because I had enjoyed his writing and I delighted in his ability to find theological truth from a wide range of sources. However, his presentation was a wonderful gift beyond what I had expected. His strong presentation of a challenge to serious discipleship, all presented in a New Orleans style of speaking, complete with non-stop guitar accompaniment brought both smiles and deep conviction to our congregation. Anybody who can appreciate the Holy work of Willie Nelson and still call us to a deep following of Jesus is someone I want to hear from again. Thanks Bert...

Roger Paynter
Pastor of First Baptist Church
Austin, TX

~     ~     ~     ~     ~

“(Bert's) perky, prickly insight will grab you by the throat and the heart.”

Tex Sample
Earthy Mysticism
Hard-Living People & Mainstream Christians

~     ~     ~     ~     ~

“Into the theological gumbo of megachurch youth group, politically radical classroom influences and deep emotions that make up college student ministry these days, Bert stirs a deep roux of grace and a dash of cayenne activism. The vibe is mellow, the lyrics connect and the Word emerges in fresh ways.”

Walt Tennyson
Chaplain, Rhodes College
Memphis, TN

~     ~     ~     ~     ~

“When Bert preached the Christianity of Johnny Cash at the Flower-Pickin' Festival, we could all relate.”

Robbie Ward
Executive Director
Pardon Johnny Cash Flower-Pickin' Festival

~     ~      ~     ~     ~ 

“(Bert's) wit and insights are as refreshing as hand-churned ice cream - a delight to savor.”

Karen Spears Zacharias
Will Jesus Buy Me a Double-Wide?
Where's Your Jesus Now?