Ric Alba with the Altar BoysRic Alba is a legend to fans of 1980s alternative/punk/new-wave Christian rock. He played bass on Undercover's eponymous debut album, then went on to play with the Altar Boys. He released one solo album before coming “out of the closet” and disappearing from the Christian music scene. As you are about to find out, Ric's musical journey is almost as eclectic as his personal journey – a search filled with certainty, denial, confusion, spiritual manipulation, emotional abuse, acceptance, and hope and love.

Today, Ric and his partner own an interior design firm in California. Ric still plays music, most notably recording a new Dead Artist Syndrome (D.A.S.) album with a fellow legend of the alternative Christian music genre, Brian Healy.

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Back in the 80s, folks sometimes promoted Christian artists “the Christian alternative” to secular artists. As in, “if you're a Christian and you like this secular artist, then you should be listening to this Christian artist.” Were you thinking about that while you were a part of the CCM scene?

I think nearly all bands are in one way or another doing what somebody else started, while sometimes pointing fingers and calling others derivative. But it’s no crime. Just as in the secular world, bands take after other bands that inspired them, and so did we. We played the way we felt inspired to play. 

Glenn Hinson speaking at Baptist Seminary of Kentucky banquet. (Photo courtesy of BSK)NOTE: In late summer/early fall 2007, I interviewed Dr. E. Glenn Hinson for the religious satire magazineThe Wittenburg Door. Contract signed and article sold – it was to appear in a spring 2008 edition. I never got paid as promised. But to be fair, the interview was never published as promised. The legendary Wittenburg Door just sort of disappeared into the night and has not been heard from since. Portions of this interview were released elsewhere online; but here, for the first time, as it was to have been originally published, is my full interview with Dr. Hinson for The Door.


Dr. E. Glenn Hinson.  World-renowned church historian.  Respected and sought-after leader in Christian Spirituality.  And, everyone's favorite living Baptist heretic.

Arlo Guthrie and Bert MontgomeryIn 1992, I was a graduate student working on a project for a class on the 1960s.  Armed with a cheap cassette recorder, I traveled up to Great Barrington, Massachusetts, (just outside Stockbridge) to interview Arlo Guthrie.