illustration by  GREG CRAVENS

illustration by GREG CRAVENS

About Bert

Bert Montgomery grew up outside of New Orleans, lived in Memphis, and dearly loves the state that connects the two. He's the author of four books; he teaches introductory courses in both sociology and religion at Mississippi State University; and, he serves as pastor of University Baptist Church in Starkville. His writings have also appeared at The FaithLabHuffington PostBurnside Writer's Collective, Red Letter Christians, and elsewhere. Because of his blues-inspired message "God's Got His Mojo Workin'," Bert has earned the nickname "The Minister of Mojo."

Prior to moving to Starkville, Bert served three Kentucky congregations as either youth minister or pastor. He worked for several years as a juvenile probation officer, first in Jackson, MS, then in Memphis, TN.

For what it's worth, after graduating from Destrehan High School (Go Wildcats!), Bert studied at Mississippi State University, Union University, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Mississippi College, Memphis Theological Seminary, and the Baptist Seminary of Kentucky. He actually hung around long enough to get degrees from three of them.